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Drprot Cleaner v2.24

your PC for $29.95 $14.95 for life

A Tool to clean and speed up both PC and Phone!

Clean junk and temporary files from your PCs and optimize your performance to keep your PC fast and Clean. Automate both PC Cleaning and Memory optimizing to keep your PC clean at all time.

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* Drprot Cleaner is a one time purchase

How to use Drprot Cleaner to Speed up your PC?

Drprot Cleaner provides a one-click Scan which is the easiest way to clean up the junk and temporary files with just one click.
There is also a custom scan that helps you choose the files you want to find and remove to reach more junk files.

Quick Clean

After clicking the big green button "Scan" in the center of the window, Drprot Cleaner starts to scan the system for Junk and temporary files then display the result.

Click on the Big Button on the main screen to start quick scan

Before cleaning, you can review the scan result, just need to right-click the item title you want to check. If you don't want to clean an item, you can click the Ignore button to exclude this item from the PC Clean.

Right click on any item you want and click (Igone) to exclude this item from being cleaned

Finally, you just need to click the "Run Cleaner" button on bottom right and your PC will be cleaned and speed up within a few minutes.

click the Run Cleaner button on bottom right

Schedule an Auto-cleanup Task

Click the ON/OFF button on the left bottom can call out the Schedule Task window. Here, you can schedule a task to help you clean up the system automatically. Drprot Cleaner provides 5 types of tasks: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, On Idle and At Login.

To schedule clean click on the switch on the bottom left

After choosing the configurations you want click "Done" to save the task.