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Drprot Cleaner v2.24

your PC for $29.95 $14.95 for life

A Tool to clean and speed up both PC and Phone!

Clean junk and temporary files from your PCs and optimize your performance to keep your PC fast and Clean. Automate both PC Cleaning and Memory optimizing to keep your PC clean at all time.

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* Drprot Cleaner is a one time purchase
You can get Drprot Cleaner for PC and Phone

Cross Platform

You can download Drprot Cleaner for your PC and mobile phone.

Drprot Cleaner for PC:

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Drprot Cleaner for android:
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Drprot Cleaner has Scheduled Cleaning

Scheduled Cleaning

Scheduled cleaning keeps your PC clean and fast

Drprot Cleaner can clean your PC with one click

One click Cleaning

clean your PC from junk and temporary files by one click

Drprot Cleaner can optimize memory

Memory Optimization

Speed up your PC by optimizing memory usage

Quick Scan

Drprot Cleaner provides a one-click Scan which is the easiest way to clean up the junk and temporary files with just one click.
It finds some unnecessary files that can be removed from your PC.
Drprot Cleaner has a quick clean

Drprot Cleaner has a custom clean

Custom Scan

Custom scan allows you to choose the files you want to search for and remove to reach more junk files and free more space.

Scheduled CleanUps

Scheduled task allow you to schedule auto cleanups to keep your PC clean.
Drprot Cleaner provides 5 types of tasks: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, On Idle and At Login.
Drprot Cleaner has a Scheduled CleanUps

Drprot Cleaner has hardware monitoring

Hardware Monitoring

Drprot Cleaner has a monitor tool that shows Memory Usage, CPU Usage and CPU temperature.
This tool can also be used to optimize Memory Usage by one click

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DrProt Cleaner

Drprot Cleaner finds junk files and optimize memory usage to to free up space and fast up your PC

One-click scan
Manually clean and optimize
Scheduled Cleaning
Memory Optimization
Complete cleaning
Hardware Monitoring

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